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about High haven
Social Responsibility
This is something that is incredibly important to High Haven. Our founder (Whitney Heckford) traveled across the world to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong to ensure any factories that would be manufacturing our designs treated their employees with fair wages, quality work conditions and humane living arrangements.
Today we work with over 10 factories and ensure these promises still are intact. “We frequently talk to staff members” says Heckford.
“They tell us about their Holiday plans, their dreams and goals, even about their family life”. “It’s very important we have a very good working relationship with whomever we work with”. 
While their electronic products are manufactured overseas, their new clothing line will be Canadian made, adding the “buy it local” feel to the brand. “When we are a bit larger, I’d like to do a lot more within the community. Definitely donating more time and funding to local charities and organizations” – Heckford.
Supporting the LGBTQIA+ has always been an important drive for this venture, Heckford identifies herself as a lesbian herself, as well as volunteers to many organizations within the community. 
Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver quality, discreet and lit cannabis accessories to all consumers of the Canadian cannabis community. If we all had a bong, we’d all get along!
Who We Are
A Word From Us
High Haven was founded in 2016 by our founder, Whitney Heckford. Our mandate has always been to deliver quality, discreet line of cannabis accessories you’ll want to show off. 
Determined to create a unique line, she traveled to the factories of Shenzhen, China with blueprints in hand and a vision. High Haven chose the slender, sleek approach, with the black and white logos. Unlike others in the space, we chose not to have flashy colours, bulky tools, or heavy designs. When selecting factories to create our dream products, it was important that they were self sustaining, and that they treated their employees with dignity and respect. Heckford insisted on visiting every factory, taking tours to make sure this was the case. 
Today, you can find her still sourcing for the top quality products, and educating the masses on the benefits of cannabis, or donating her time to the LGBTQIA+ community. Be sure to follow her on social media and drop her a line! 
Safe & Secure

Here at High Haven, we are committed to providing a safe a secure environment for everyone. Personal information collected is stored in a secure environment. Our employees working for us are obligated to respect the confidentiality of your personal information!

Expert Support

High Haven strives at all times to provide excellent customer support; we provide any assistance you may need. Guaranteeing quality support and a response time that meets your earliest expectations, is what we do!

Refund Policy

ALL accessories are final sale! As for clothing and merch we do accept returns for exchange or store credit. If you do believe your product was damaged in transit or for some reason your product does not work, please CONTACT US with photo confirmation, your name and receipt number.