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Life tends to get in the way, always playing catch up, pushing off that dinner party you wanted to throw, not talking to that cute co-worker; now is the time for your adventure. Inhale what the world has to offer and exhale knowing you have the quality tools to make your adventure lit!

Listen to music, NO feel the music!

Sleep well; some are prone to waking up in a puddle of drool!

Laugh hard because you know you’re about to make a noise you’ve never heard before!

Eat like the fridge is broken and you must not waste any food!

our works
Welcome to our cloud where local photographers show off their photography skills! We work very closely with local photographers because we see the value in the passion from our community; browse freely and admire what some of London’s best have to offer!

*please know these photos are property of High Haven and we do not condone plagiarism. You are more than welcome to contact any photographer on our site, in fact we encourage you to!

Holly Ryerse

Growing up with a warm heart I knew I would succeed in the hospitality and customer service industry, I just did not know how I would fit. After settling down and meeting Whitney, is when I truly pushed to become somebody, not just a nice person. That’s when we found cannabis, it intrigued us; we started learning more and more unique information and we had to do something with it. Every time we stepped into a HeadShop we instantly felt uneasy, overwhelmed and on a small scale, judged. We smoked A LOT of weed before creating High Haven, but we pride ourselves on being a welcoming environment for all!

Whitney Heckford

Whitney hasn’t always been in the plant business. Prior to MyBud and High Haven, she ran a successful consulting business for start ups, as well as larger enterprises.

Heckford caught the entrepreneurial spirit from her family, no doubt; The Heckford’s have had a successful glass business in Tillsonburg for almost 4 generations, and a few other growing businesses as well.
Her thirst for knowledge and her drive for excellence lead her to the finance world. She successfully raised capital for several start up companies, as well as provided investors to companies that needed working capital. Through the finance world, she was introduced to several companies in the green energy, health and medical as well as cannabis space. Heckford fell in love with the green space and focused her energy on her passion; cannabis!